Saturday, May 19, 2007
Days 3 & 4
Day 3 - dreary, chilly, rainy weather. We went to visit Lauren's mommy in the morning. Then we went to the A&P. WalMart shopping carts: good for baby carriers. A&P carts: not so good. The carrier actually clips in to the WalMart cart. I was nervous the whole time we were in A&P because it didn't feel as stable as I would have liked. In the WalMart cart, she is sitting at a good angle. In the A&P cart, she is laying pretty much flat on her back. Made it in & out of A&P with no trouble. :-) Home for our afternoon nap.

Day 4 - Lauren is still on a wonderful schedule for me! She's been sleeping longer than me in the morning. She's awake most of the time until our afternoon nap at 2:00. Again, she sleeps longer than me. She gets up around 6. She goes to bed between 9:30 & 10:30 and pretty much sleeps thru the night. Last night she woke up a couple times for less than a minute or two.

This morning we made 4 lasagnas & 4 big loaves of garlic bread for our monthly WARM shelter meal. The power went out at around 10:30 so we loaded up & headed for Westerly. We needed to kill some time before going to the shelter. I didn't want to get in the way of the lunch serving.

We went back to WalMart & got some more of that clearance Enfamil & some items to make Opa a couple meals that he's requested so he can have some good home cooking when he gets back. From there we went to Noni's (Auntie Ellyn's) to pick up 2 more lasagnas & 2 more loaves of garlic bread. Noni bought a few outfits for Lauren. One of the outfits is a beautiful blue dressy dress that Lauren will wear to the upcoming wedding(s).

Dropped off the lasagna & garlic bread at the shelter. They were all happy to see us. They always are & that feels good! We just provided the meal this month instead of cooking & serving as we usually do.

Came home & took our nap. It's about time for bed now.

Just 2 more nights without Opa...

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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Stay-At-Home-Logue - Life Without Seth/Opa
Day 1 - uneventful, except for the fact that Lauren slept in until 9:30 when I got her up. She didn't sleep much the rest of the day, tho'.

Day 2 - Sister's Class at 10 AM. I was holding Lauren before we got started when I felt something damp on my arm & smelled something unpleasant. Uh oh!! Total diaper blow-out! While changing this mess, the poor child had poop on her from head to toe, literally. She's squirmy so she gets her feet & hands in it. Then she touches her face with her hand. Oy! I couldn't get her cleaned up fast enough.

11:00 Sister's Class is over & I decide to attempt our first trip to the store. I've been very hesitant about going to the grocery store with Lauren, for a number of reasons. Every other time I've shopped, she's been with Opa or one of her Aunties. Today was the day to overcome that hurdle. So we set off for Super WalMart which is only about 2 miles from the hall. Lauren screamed & cried the whole way there. I decided to feed her some more before we went in - that's been one of my fears: that she'll have a total meltdown while we're in a store.

So, I mixed up a bottle & wedged myself into the back seat (behind the driver's seat) to feed her. We have a 4-door Chevy Blazer. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a skinny little thing. It was a tight fit back there.

I fed her enough that I felt that we could start our adventure. I already had a shopping cart by the car - I was ready to just put her carseat in the cart & go for it. I tried to get out of the car & realized that the Child Lock was on. Now what am I gonna do? I couldn't crawl over to the other side of the seat & go out that door because the car seat was in the way - it's right in the middle of the back seat. I thought about crawling into the back & going out that way but I didn't see a way to open the back hatch. That left me with 2 choices: wait until someone parks in the empty space beside me, knock on the window & yell for them to let me out or climb into the front seat.

I couldn't go over the top of the driver's seat because of the head rest. And because of the steering wheel being in the way. So I started climbing from the rear left seat to the front right seat...and got my foot caught at the ankle between the driver's seat & the console. It hurt! I leaned over the driver's seat to the controls & moved the seat forward. Then I was able to get my foot unstuck. From there it was pretty easy, considering. I'm more flexible than I thought! ;-) I was thankful that I chose to wear jeans today rather than the skirt or dress I was considering.

We went into the store & I found this cart full of different kinds of baby formula that had handwritten signs on it saying "Clearance 5/15". I had one of the baby dept. employees paged to ask if the stuff was really on clearance. She didn't about that!?! She got a scanner & found out that it actually was on clearance so I cleared out all of the Enfamil powder. The cans that normally run around $25 were marked down to $17.50. We should have enough to last a couple months. It looks like they are re-doing their baby section so maybe they didn't have the shelf space. The expiration dates were 2010 so that wasn't the reason for the clearance.

Lauren dozed some of the time. The rest of the time she was content & happy. I got her a Spiderman toy with hands that are teethers because her dad loves Spiderman. She's less than impressed.

She started fussing as we left the checkout counter & headed for the door. Perfect timing! She was all right once the car was moving until we were almost home.

After a full 6-oz feeding, we took a nap. She fell asleep before me & woke up after me. You gotta love that! I know I do!

Our adventure for tomorrow is a visit to see Lauren's mom in the morning. Looks like it's supposed to rain. :-(

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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Not a lot new to tell but I wanted to update in case anyone is following this story.

The 4 of us went to the Parole Office last Tuesday. We were there for a long time - we were there about 20 minutes early for the appt. Someone finally called Mike into the talk to the P.O. He was back there for about half an hour. Mike came out & Shannon was called back. Another half an hour. When she came out, Seth & I met with the guy for 10 or 15 minutes.

He has to do a report & submit it to the court. I don't feel like we're going to get a whole lot of support from him. The new sentencing date is Feb. 14th - just a few weeks before the baby will arrive.

One of the worst parts of all of this is the "not knowing" what's going to happen. How much time in jail will Mike & Shannon get? Anywhere from no time/all parole to 2 years plus parole is the way I understand it. The "no time" doesn't seem real likely. Mike seems to be ready to do what needs to be done to get this over with. Shannon is just plain terrified.

They've settled in real well here. Seth is spoiling them rotten in every way he can. Me? I just try to cook things that they'll like. They're kinda picky when it comes to food - and they don't like cheese for the most part - that presents a real challenge to me.

They attended Memorial Service with us this morning. They've met quite a few of our Brethern already at Wed. night class & Fri. night Bible Readings. It makes me feel so good to see how welcoming & friendly everyone is with them. Everyone accepts them for who they are & no one looks down on them. That's gotta feel good. I hope they got something out of meeting today.

Anyway, we're kinda on hold for right now so I probably won't do anymore updating until the sentencing date. There really won't be a lot to say - our days are very calm & peaceful, as they should be.

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