Friday, December 22, 2006
Lotsa News

Gosh - I haven't updated since April?! Here's a quick rundown:

I quit my job at the bank on Sept. 6th but ended up continuing to work there for at least one day a week up until the end of October. I left for a Cook job at a local nursing home. I started there on Sept. 5th - training for a few hours after I left the bank. I went full-time on Sept. 21st & quit the next week. The cooking was not what I was looking for - not what I wanted to do. I ended up there until halfway thru Nov. to help train my replacement.

Since then I've been unemployed but I manage to keep real busy! I started doing Girl's Cooking Class on Fridays with some of the young ladies at our Ecclesia. And I still do a meal a month at the local shelter. I'll be there for Christmas Day again this year.

Jed left us on Dec. 6th to move to British Columbia. He's having some trouble getting across the border. :-( As far as I know, he's still in the Seattle area. We miss him an awful lot - he was the best house guest/room-mate ever.

Now for the latest: the 20-yr. old daughter of a former co-worker/friend of mine is pregnant & in some legal trouble. She may have to do some time in prison. We'll find out on Jan. 24th. The baby is due around March 6th. Seth & I are going to be temporary guardians if she has the baby while she is doing time. When she gets out, she will come & live with us & her baby until she is able to get on her feet. Her husband is in the same trouble & will probably be doing 2 years time. There are no family members in the area who are willing or able to help out.

We're very excited about all of this - we're gonna have a baby here!!! I never thought I'd see that day! And we're going to give someone the opportunity to turn their life around & get on the right path. Hopefully, it will be the "narrow path" when all is said & done, but that's not a requirement for her to live here. She only needs to behave herself & not get into any more trouble.

Our family - both blood family & Ecclesial family - have been so generous. And they're almost as excited as we are!

Naturally, we have nothing for a baby. Everyone is really coming thru with things to loan us or give to us. We have most of the big things taken care of already: cradle, crib, stroller, high chair, bouncy chair, play yard, car seats, baby monitor, bathtub...

Our lives are about to turn upside down in so many ways but we are really looking forward to it! It's kinda scary but it will all work out for the best.

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Monday, April 3, 2006
Things I Wanna Do Before I Die
See the Barenaked Ladies live - at least once. Preferably multiple times.

To be continued...

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Sunday, February 26, 2006
Lancaster, Here We Come!
Seth & I will be in Lancaster for the 2nd Anniversary of Shane's death: March 12, 2006. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be on that date.

Shane's cremains are buried there. I don't actually feel like any part of Shane is there - just a lot of my memories of Shane. That's what's there. And I feel like I'm going home again.

The first thing I want to do is go to the cemetery. His biological father took care of all the burial arrangements. At that time, I just couldn't deal with any of it. I might have done things differently, given some time. But, what's done is done. I am trying real hard not to live with regrets.

I wanted to be the one to choose the grave marker. I haven't done it yet. I have a very good idea of what I want to do - I just need to check with the cemetery to see if what I have in mind is allowed. I'm ready now. I'm curious to see if Shane's dad gave up on me ever doing it & did something himself.

We haven't been down there in so long - probably a year & a half. Each time we go there, Seth plants something on Shane's grave. This time of year isn't the planting season so I'm not sure what we'll do to mark the occasion. We'll think of something that will comfort us.

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