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Corinne Dillingham

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Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - dreary, chilly, rainy weather. We went to visit Lauren's mommy in the morning. Then we went to the A&P. WalMart shopping carts: good for baby carriers. A&P carts: not so good. The carrier actually clips in to the WalMart cart. I was nervous the whole time we were in A&P because it didn't feel as stable as I would have liked. In the WalMart cart, she is sitting at a good angle. In the A&P cart, she is laying pretty much flat on her back. Made it in & out of A&P with no trouble. :-) Home for our afternoon nap.

Day 4 - Lauren is still on a wonderful schedule for me! She's been sleeping longer than me in the morning. She's awake most of the time until our afternoon nap at 2:00. Again, she sleeps longer than me. She gets up around 6. She goes to bed between 9:30 & 10:30 and pretty much sleeps thru the night. Last night she woke up a couple times for less than a minute or two.

This morning we made 4 lasagnas & 4 big loaves of garlic bread for our monthly WARM shelter meal. The power went out at around 10:30 so we loaded up & headed for Westerly. We needed to kill some time before going to the shelter. I didn't want to get in the way of the lunch serving.

We went back to WalMart & got some more of that clearance Enfamil & some items to make Opa a couple meals that he's requested so he can have some good home cooking when he gets back. From there we went to Noni's (Auntie Ellyn's) to pick up 2 more lasagnas & 2 more loaves of garlic bread. Noni bought a few outfits for Lauren. One of the outfits is a beautiful blue dressy dress that Lauren will wear to the upcoming wedding(s).

Dropped off the lasagna & garlic bread at the shelter. They were all happy to see us. They always are & that feels good! We just provided the meal this month instead of cooking & serving as we usually do.

Came home & took our nap. It's about time for bed now.

Just 2 more nights without Opa...

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