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Corinne Dillingham

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They're Here!

We have young people in the house again! We brought Mike & Shannon here to live on Tuesday - after Seth got home from MacWorld in Calif.

They slept in a real bed for the first time in a long time on Tuesday night. :-) The things so many of us take for granted...

Their sentencing date was Jan. 24th. It's been put off for a week or 2. The "Pre-Sentencing" people never contacted them until this week. They meet with these people on Tuesday. Seth & I will go along for support & to add our 2 cents. Maybe if the judge & the other court people realize that we have plans in place to help these 2 get on their feet, they'll go a little easier on them. Can't hurt to try.

We're trying to make their lives as comfortable as we can until they have to leave. That means buying Shannon all the chocolate stuff she wants, for one thing! And Mike loves bread so I picked up a couple loaves of Panera bread for him. I'm getting to feel like a mom again & that makes me really happy.

Mike is only too eager to help around the house - he vacuumed & steam cleaned the living room carpet yesterday while I was at the dentist. Shannon's just kinda relaxing & letting the 3 of us take care of her - which is what I want - she's almost 8 months pregnant & very scared about her future. They are able to keep themselves occupied. They've been doing jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, etc. Seth set up a computer for them so they can play around & watch DVDs on it. I was concerned that they would be terribly bored here. It's very peaceful & quiet for the most part - not what they're used to! That doesn't seem to be a problem. :-)

They went to Wed. night Bible Class with Seth & they are at Friday night Family Bible Readings with him this evening - because they wanted to go.

All of this is bringing back a lot of good memories of Shane. Mike is a year younger than Shane would be right now. And with the baby coming, it's bringing back a lot of memories from when Shane was a baby. Having a baby here will allow me to be a surrogate Grandma. I had just given up on the Grandma thing.

The situation has been very good for all of us. Seth & I are thankful that we've been blessed enough to be able to help these 2 kids & expand our 2-person family. It's almost selfish of us because it feels so good to be able to provide for those who have some real basic needs & who truly appreciate what we're doing for them.

If Shane was still alive, our lives would be totally different & we wouldn't be involved in this situation. Is this the reason we had to lose him? I don't know if there is "a reason" for why he died but I really want to there to be one. And I've been praying for a reason for me to keep going on in this life for the past 2 3/4 yrs. I needed a purpose to keep living. Mike & Shannon & their unborn child have given that to me. A reason to look forward to the future, when there was nothing to look forward to for so long. I think all of us will be better people for coming together as a family when all is said & done. There is a lot of love here...

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