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Corinne Dillingham

@ 10:01 PM



I'm feeling very overwhelmed lately. I suspect that a lot of it has to do with my job. I'm feeling incompetent there & I really don't like that. I'm really starting to doubt myself. I'm used to feeling that I'm doing a fantastic job. Lately, I've been making mistakes, feeling confused so much of the time, second guessing myself, wondering if I should just give it up.

I just don't know if the problem is me or my bosses. The people I work under now are so different from others I have worked for. Once I have figured out where the problem lies, I will know what to do.

Seth Dillingham

@ 9:41 PM


RE: Overwhelmed

You're beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, and talented. Nobody who makes you feel otherwise deserves to spend another minute near you.

I'm biased, but I'm not kidding, and I've known that about you for a decade!


@ 11:49 AM


Re: Overwhelmed

Don't let people at work influence you badly. It's very sad, I know what it means (in fact I'm changing jobs). Don't give up and good luck.

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