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Corinne Dillingham

@ 11:30 PM


Shane Dreams

There is nothing better to me! For a couple hours, he is alive again & we are together.

It's interesting how my Shane dreams have changed since he's been gone. At first I dreamt that he was still alive - and I just needed to do something to save him - so he wouldn't die. Whatever it was, I could do it.

Lately, he's already died (or supposedly died) in my dreams. Sometimes he was never really dead - there was just some huge conspiracy, if you will. And I had to keep it a secret that he was still alive.

In others, I was aware that he died once but he came alive again. Sometimes I could tell others, some times it was a secret. And he was never around for very long. Once he was out of my sight, he was gone again - probably never to return.

So far he's not aging.

Strange stuff, hunh? At first when I wake up, I'm not really sure if he's here or not. I enjoy the time spent with him - even if it's only in my dreams...

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