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Seth & I had a great time last night at a benefit for the Otis Library in Norwich, CT. The bank where I work was one of the sponsors & paid for a table of 10. So we got to attend something that would normally be out of our reach. Seth described it as "Norwich's High Society & Us"! The only reason I wanted to go was because one of my very favorite authors was the Keynote Speaker: Dominick Dunne. I was excited about going for days beforehand! Got a new dress, shoes, wore makeup & everything! ;-)

I am amazed at how many people don't know who I'm talking about when I mention his name! And I think they are amazed at all the information I can share about him! If you like to read & you don't recognize his name, you don't know what you're missing! I would like him to release a new book every couple months or so. Since that's not possible, I subscribed to "Vanity Fair" magazine because he has a regular column. I've since found out that "Vanity Fair" is an excellent magazine with some amazing articles but I never would have picked it up & subscribed, if not for Mr. Dunne. So, they have him to thank for my ongoing subscription.

In the past year since Shane has been gone I've been thinking about what I do for work - I feel like I should be doing something that I really love instead of just doing something that's OK, to bring in money. And I think of what my dream job would be. One of the few things that crosses my mind is to be "Dominick Dunne's Assistant". I think about this almost everytime I read something he's written. He splits his time between a place in Manhattan & his home in CT so it would be feasible for me to work for him here in CT. (Naturally, my other dream job would involve cooking.)

He's a fascinating man with such an interesting life. I would love to be able to spend time with him one-on-one just to talk - and mostly listen. He's a little older than my dad would be if he was still alive - Dominick's almost 80 - which I didn't know. That really surprised me! (Both he & my Dad served in WWII).

One of the reasons I feel that I can relate to him is because we both lost a beloved child in their early 20's. His loss was more tragic than mine but I know how he feels about losing his Dominique.

I felt like I was hanging on every word he said last night - he is so interesting to me. He's lived a long full life & has had loads of different experiences to share. He is straight up - doesn't pull any punches - tells it like it is - I really like that in a person. Just a sweetheart!

I didn't bring any of my books for him to autograph because I didn't want to bug him. I dunno - just didn't seem like the right thing to do. And then I saw others doing it & said, "ARGH!" I did line up to shake his hand after everything was over. I didn't want to take up a lot of his time because he had mentioned at the beginning of his speech that he was dealing with a bad stomach flu for the past week - I'm sure he just wanted to get home.

So I shook his hand, said, "I love you! I've read everything you've ever written. I subscribed to "Vanity Fair" because of you. And if you ever need an assistant, I am available!" I figure that what I said probably won't remain with him because he had a line of people gushing over him & he probably got so many accolades last night, but I felt good for saying what I had to say & letting him know how I feel! It was a thrill for me & it will be one of my best memories in this life! :-)

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